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1. Great Pain Reliever Review by Painless Southerner
I've suffered with sinus pressure, neck and back tension, and headaches for years. It relieves all of my pain within the first 20 minutes of use. My husband swears it helps his arthritis in his knees and elbows. Great buy! Will buy another one when this one runs out of charge.

2. Best messager I have ever bought Review by Bubbanear
I went to a chiropractor years ago and one of these was used for my treatment and wanted to get one ever since. Now that I purchased one six months ago, I was very impressed that I could stop my migraine headaches with it. In addition, this device holds a battery charge for several months and have only charged it twice (including the initial charge when purchased). I have bought similar products over the year from other companies including a battery operated model that drug stores carry that I keep as a backup but the Medicpads not only fit better but they are designed for neck use which the competitors didn't design for this application for safety concerns. This product is built well and I'm sure it will last for years. When it doesn't hold a charge anymore, ill be ordering another one.

3. Excellent product. Review by TorresE
Just bought one at the mall of America, very relaxing.

4. Bought at trade show and love it Review by Lora
Bought this at the trade show and they made me a great deal and threw in some additional things for free. Love that 2 people can use it at the same time in different modes.

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    Tens is the use of electric current produced by device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic  purposes

Physical Therapist & Chiropractors using it for years

Now its available for your personal use  

MedicPad Product will take your pain away



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